3 Questions To Ask When Starting An Online Business

Do you want to know the 3 online business questions (and answers) every online entrepreneur should ask to make money consistently online but doesn’t?

If you’re an online entrepreneur who wants to make money consistently from online business even without prior marketing knowledge then you need to read this immediately to get the answers to the questions you probably don’t even know to ask.

#1 Online business question: “What should I focus on in my online business?

This question is the foundation of every business online and offline.
You need to get it right from the start. There is a reason why some succeed like gangbusters while others struggle.

It comes down to how well you understand your ideal customer “avatar”.
The detailed representation of the people you are trying to serve through your online business.

Here is the framework you can use to craft your customer avatar:

  • what are their top problems
  • what are their top desires, these are usually the opposite of their problems
  • what are their questions
  • and what products are they buying already

Going through these questions should provide you with extensive information about your audience and help you create your ideal customer avatar.

#2 Online business question: “How can I get MORE people to consume the content I create?

This question is important because most online entrepreneurs struggle to get eyeballs on their content.
It is a big hurdle that many entrepreneurs face, and your ability to get more people to consume your content can make or break your business.

Part of the answer to this question was provided in the first online business question’s answer.
After going through the framework aforementioned, you will basically know all the information you need to start producing content and know exactly where your ideal customer hangs out online.

This makes the whole process easier even for complete beginners.
In addition, building a brand and being present on relevant social media platforms is highly recommended.

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#3 Online business question: “How do I measure if my content creation efforts are actually working for my business?

Let’s be real here, nobody likes to waste time, energy, and money.
This question is particularly important because tracking your results helps you make adjustments to your strategy when things aren’t working as well as expected.
But also, when you get a winning piece of content, you can promote it more actively for maximum results.

Getting more visitors to your website and store could make a big difference in your online business, and finally allow you to enjoy the benefit of your hard work.
At the end of the day, it is a numbers game. The more people consuming your content and visiting your website and/or online store, the more conversions and sales you will be making.

Tracking and measuring your content creation efforts is a must for your online business.
Here are some resources you can use right away:

  • Google analytics
  • Social media analytics usually requires you to have the business version like Pinterest for example
  • Plugins like Pretty Links track clicks for your links.

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