How To Discover Your Purpose In Life The Right Way (In 3 Simple Steps)

What is your purpose in life?
In this quick start guide to finding life’s purpose, we will talk about life’s most fundamental principle.
We will go through a straightforward yet powerful method. We are diving deep into your inner thoughts and feelings. By the end of this guide, you should have a reliable technique you could use straight away in your life to provide it purposeful guidance.

3 Simple Steps To Purpose of Your Life:

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Grasping the concept of choice 
  2. Developing your core principle
  3. Aligning your life with your core principle

1. Grasping the concept of choice

Your Power of Choice can upgrade or destroy you depending on your mindset.


The most significant power you possess is the power to choose. Your entire existence and quality of life are identified by the choices you make.

When your subconscious mind gets to understand your innermost desires, it will manifest them one way or another in your life. The choices you make in life determine your future.

The choices you make should be yours genuinely, following your actual desires, reflecting your true intentions and ability. Many of us allow others the ultimate power of making decisions in our stead.

Therefore start with making a list of your interests, things that you genuinely take pleasure in, things that make you feel great, things that motivate you to do better, no matter what challenges you face.

Do you find fulfillment in helping make other people’s lives better?

Purpose in life-The Power Of Choice
The Power Of Choice-Purpose in life

Make a list of your interests under the following categories:

  1. Things you enjoy doing
  2. Why do you like it so much? What can you do to turn it into a business?

2. Developing Your Core Principle:

Next, take a look at the list you made just now and look for repeating patterns. Perhaps, it is helping others that keep coming up or making an impact in your community. It could be caring for your family, in particular your aging parents.

Whichever it may be, you’ll gain clarity by determining what your core principle is. You will have a better understanding of the things you would love to do. You can then write the first draft of your mission statement.

This mission statement is your philosophy that influences your choices and decisions in life.
Take the time to get it right.

3. Aligning your LIFE with Your Core Principle

Without this crucial step, you might miss the mark.
Make the necessary adjustments in your everyday life that would implement this core principle. LIVE each day, fully aware of your guiding mantra. It may take a couple of days; however, you will feel the distinction in your interest in life.

Explore deeper until you’ve zoned in what exactly makes you tick. The clearer your life purpose, the easier you will be able to align your life with it.
Keep in mind, that finding your purpose in life is a journey worth going on.


Is your life not as exciting as you would have preferred? If you do not have the passion and eagerness for living, it is due to your life’s absence of purpose.

Discovering your purpose in life requires you to embrace the power of choices fully. Retake this power for yourself and stir your life in the direction of your passions and interests.

Once you clarify your purpose in life, write your mission statement and begin implementing it in your everyday life. It will offer you the clearness and focus that might awaken the tremendous potential untapped deep inside you.

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