Weird Digital Marketing Tip That Works For Online Entrepreneurs

This is probably one of the most underrated digital marketing tips out there. Changing the way you view deadlines might just be the shift you need to get the success you want with your online business.

Most people see the word deadline and they instantly imagine the due date for the completed project.

When online entrepreneurs hear the word deadline they usually think of getting the project completed for a huge client and the pay that will follow.

But other online entrepreneurs also think of dread because if procrastination is your game, then deadlines are stressful and filled with doom.

Digital Marketing Tip: I Love Deadlines…And So Should You

When I read the word deadline, I picture freedom.

Here are my thoughts on the word deadline when it applies to online business, particularly if you want to you don’t need to spend money initially to get leads:

  • Deadlines give you a chance to schedule projects, which means you are in control—freedom!
  • Deadlines help you build your teams and see how they can solve the problem—freedom!
  • Deadlines mean you don’t have to worry about the project afterward. You are moving on—freedom!
  • Deadlines mean you have active clients, and that means business is happening.
  • You can also set mini-deadlines: I have 30-minutes to work on this project; when the project is done, I’ll be free to do other things.

Bottom line: deadlines help you to complete the tasks you have and the more you complete the more you can influence others.

Let me share how all online entrepreneurs can put all this into action – Make a plan to work 30 minutes each day to complete them, and then celebrate when they are done—FREEDOM.

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